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Custom Aviators

November 29, 2018 When selecting a style for your custom sunglasses, consider the ever-popular aviators. Originally designed for pilots to protect their eyes from the sun while flying, aviators have become a staple in the sunglass industry and a favorite style of many. The classic shape complements almost any face shape and size, and is … Continue reading “Custom Aviators”

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Personalized Retro Sunglasses – You Can’t Go Wrong with a Classic

October 25, 2018 When looking to promote your business, consider the timeless appeal of the classically styled retro sunglasses. Personalized retro sunglasses are an inexpensive and fun way to sponsor any event, any time of the year. While when thinking about promotions you may not think of sunglasses as anything but a summer promotion, but … Continue reading “Personalized Retro Sunglasses – You Can’t Go Wrong with a Classic”

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Custom Sunglasses – not just for Summer!

September 13, 2018 People tend to think of custom sunglasses for summer promotions, but don’t give them much thought the rest of the year. The sun shines and people wear sunglasses year-round, so why not include them in all your promotions? Custom sunglasses make great promotional items, any time of the year and are an … Continue reading “Custom Sunglasses – not just for Summer!”

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Custom Sunglass Styles

August 6, 2018 With so many sunglass styles to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your promotion? At, we offer a great selection of styles and colors ideal for any event. Let’s take a look at our most popular styles so you can determine which is best for your … Continue reading “Custom Sunglass Styles”

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The Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

July 23, 2018 It seems today that most sunglasses are worn as a fashion statement, rather than to protect the eyes. While sunglasses are a great way to show off your personal style, they also offer many health benefits for your eyes if you have the right lenses. When buying sunglasses, make sure the lenses … Continue reading “The Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses”

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Create a Lasting Impression with Custom Logo Lens Sunglasses

July 9, 2018 Custom sunglasses are a favorite promotional item during the warmer days of Spring and Summer, and there’s no doubt there are a lot of styles and colors to choose from.  But if you want to create a truly unique gift that people won’t soon forget, try a pair of logo lens sunglasses. … Continue reading “Create a Lasting Impression with Custom Logo Lens Sunglasses”

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Custom Sunglasses for Kids – A Great Way to Promote your Brand

June 25, 2018 Putting your logo on sunglasses for pre-school aged children may not bring dollar signs to your eyes, but maybe it should! Chances are, young children are not your target audience unless you work for a pre-school, or maybe a water or amusement park that sells branded items in your onsite stores. So … Continue reading “Custom Sunglasses for Kids – A Great Way to Promote your Brand”

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Custom Sunglasses for Summer Weddings

June 11, 2018 When looking for gifts for your wedding guests, consider a pair of personalized sunglasses for each attendee! Having custom sunglasses as wedding favors is actually pretty popular, and it’s a fun and memorable way for guests to remember your blessed event long after the ceremony is over. There are several ways to … Continue reading “Custom Sunglasses for Summer Weddings”

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Sunglasses Make the Perfect Addition to all your Summer Promotions

May 14, 2018 Adding promotional sunglasses to your summer promotions is a great way to keep your name in front customers. When you give away custom sunglasses with your company name and/or logo imprinted on them, you get so much more exposure than a home or office use item. Each time the recipient wears them, … Continue reading “Sunglasses Make the Perfect Addition to all your Summer Promotions”

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