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Create a Lasting Impression with Custom Logo Lens Sunglasses

July 9, 2018

Custom sunglasses are a favorite promotional item during the warmer days of Spring and Summer, and there’s no doubt there are a lot of styles and colors to choose from.  But if you want to create a truly unique gift that people won’t soon forget, try a pair of logo lens sunglasses. What  are logo lens sunglasses you ask? Exactly how it sounds, but to the extreme!

Custom logo lens sunglasses don’t just add your name to the lenses, it’s a full-color graphic imprint of your design on both lenses! You create the graphic, which is then imprinted on both lenses. You can even opt for a different graphic on each lens. You can add your logo with a fun background, or use colorful graphics on the lenses, and add your company name on the temples. You can even have get a color assortment and let everyone pick the color they want, or match your theme colors.  The possibilities are endless!

Logo lens sunglasses are great for outdoor events, children’s parties, even weddings! How awesome would it be to put a picture of the bride and groom, one on each lens, with the date of the wedding on the temples and hand one out to each guest? After the event is over, guests have a fun and unique gift to remind them of your wonderful day. So don’t be afraid to show off your wild side! Customize a pair of logo lens sunglasses and create your own unique memorable gift that people aren’t soon to forget!



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