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Custom Aviators

November 29, 2018

When selecting a style for your custom sunglasses, consider the ever-popular aviators. Originally designed for pilots to protect their eyes from the sun while flying, aviators have become a staple in the sunglass industry and a favorite style of many. The classic shape complements almost any face shape and size, and is a great choice when choosing custom sunglasses for your promotional campaigns. The best part aobut custom aviators is that your logo goes directly on the lens, not the side frame, for immediate brand recognition.

, Custom AviatorsStylish and universal, aviator sunglasses are considered the “coolest” shades you can buy, and are popular today as they were in the 1950’s. Custom aviator sunglasses feature a large lens covered about three times the size of the eye with temples that hook back around the ear, and are as popular with women as they are with men.

At the Custom Sunglass Store, we have a several styles to choose from, with colored lenses ranging from standard gray, to blue, pink, and yellow with mirrored or gradient lenses. The large UV400 lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection and cover a larger area of the face to offer better protection. Custom aviators are a clear winner for any outdoor promotion.


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