, Custom Sunglass Styles

Custom Sunglass Styles

August 6, 2018

With so many sunglass styles to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your promotion? At customsunglassstore.com, we offer a great selection of styles and colors ideal for any event. Let’s take a look at our most popular styles so you can determine which is best for your event.

, Custom Sunglass StylesAviator sunglasses were by tradition created for pilots and worn mainly by men. However, in recent years they have become increasing popular with women as well. Featuring an extra-large lens that provides twice as much cover as a standard pair of sunglasses, aviators are a great choice for outdoor events.

Log lens create a unique one of a kind item to give you instant recognition. While with most custom sunglasses your logo is imprinted on the side of the temples, your full color graphic logo covers the entire areas of the lens.

, Custom Sunglass StylesMalibu sunglasses are a customer favorite and feature a small metal detail on the left and right corners of the frames. Stylish with a frame that looks great on anyone, Malibu sunglasses work great for any promotion.

Pre-school kids’ sunglasses are just what the name implies. Sunglasses made for small children. Often children are overlooked, but protecting their eyes are just as important as adults, if not more.

Retro sunglasses feature classic styling that looks great on everyone, making it ideal for all your promotions.

We also feature a category containing our all-time Best Sellers, so if you are really unsure of what you need, this might be a good place to start! At the Custom Sunglass Store, we offer a great variety of choices so you can find exactly what you need for your promotion. Order online today for timely delivery and free shipping on all orders up to 3000 pieces!

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