, Custom Sunglasses for Kids – A Great Way to Promote your Brand

Custom Sunglasses for Kids – A Great Way to Promote your Brand

June 25, 2018

Putting your logo on sunglasses for pre-school aged children may not bring dollar signs to your eyes, but maybe it should! Chances are, young children are not your target audience unless you work for a pre-school, or maybe a water or amusement park that sells branded items in your onsite stores. So how could you use effectively use, and what are the benefits of custom pre-school sunglasses?

Well, for starters, it’s a great way to promote an outdoor event where children are likely to attend, like a birthday party or corporate picnic. You might sponsor a youth league sports team, or provide them to pre-schools as part of a welcome gift for students. Maybe you are a pediatrician, optometrist, or pediatric dentist looking for gifts to pass out to “good” patients when their appointment is over. All of these are great ideas to help promote healthy habits with children.

Still not seeing it? Ultimately, it isn’t the kids you are trying to impress. It’s their parents! Yes! Parents are the ultimate consumer, the people that pay your bills, and decide who they trust to treat their children. And it doesn’t matter what your business is! You can effectively promote any company using custom imprinted pre-school sunglasses. When you put your logo on a pair of kid’s sunglasses, you show parents a couple of things. The most being, is you care about their child and their health.

, Custom Sunglasses for Kids – A Great Way to Promote your BrandDo you let your children go swimming without sunscreen? Probably not. Why do you use it? To prevent painful burns, reduce the chance of cancer, and keep your child’s skin healthy. So why not sunglasses? Sunglasses offering UVA and UVB protection are just as important to a child’s health and welfare. It has been shown that exposing children to sunlight without proper eye protection can lead to cataracts and other age-related problems when they become adults. Sunglasses also keep debris and dust out, which is important when a child is playing outdoors, or swimming at the beach.

Branding a pair of pre-school sunglasses shows parents that you care about their child, and their health and well-being. It’s one of the most effective ways to keep your name in front of customers with children during summer promotions. At the Custom Sunglass Store, all of our pre-school kids sunglasses offer UVA/UVB protection, and we have loads of colors and assortments, guaranteed to make every child smile!

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