, Custom Sunglasses for Summer Weddings

Custom Sunglasses for Summer Weddings

June 11, 2018

When looking for gifts for your wedding guests, consider a pair of personalized sunglasses for each attendee! Having custom sunglasses as wedding favors is actually pretty popular, and it’s a fun and memorable way for guests to remember your blessed event long after the ceremony is over. There are several ways to customize your wedding sunglasses. You could add the names of the bride and groom and date of the wedding, or put them on opposite sides of the frame. Put the brides name on one side with the groom on the other, or put both names on one temple and the date of the event on the other.

There are so many creative ways to use them! For outdoor weddings, leave one at each seat so everyone has a pair to wear. Choose a style and mix and match colors to go along with the theme of your wedding, place one for each seat in a bowl in the middle of the table at the reception and let guests pick out the color they want. Ask them , Custom Sunglasses for Summer Weddingsto wear them during toasts, or other special portions of your wedding, and make sure they know they get to take them home once the event is over. If you want to surprise your guests, try some color changing glasses! Hand them out indoors and they will receive a frosted pair of sunglasses, but when they go outside into the sunlight, they change into the color of your choice or a variety of colors depending on what you are looking for. Having everyone in matching colored sunglasses would make for a great themed picture of the event! Or course, half the fun can be the surprise of what color they receive, and then can swap with their friends until they get the one they want.



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