, Custom Sunglasses – not just for Summer!

Custom Sunglasses – not just for Summer!

September 13, 2018

People tend to think of custom sunglasses for summer promotions, but don’t give them much thought the rest of the year. The sun shines and people wear sunglasses year-round, so why not include them in all your promotions? Custom sunglasses make great promotional items, any time of the year and are an affordable and practical way to advertise your brand or company. Sunglasses personalized with your name or logo are an effective way to keep your name on the minds of customers and clients, as well as promote it to everyone who sees them., Custom Sunglasses – not just for Summer!

Custom sunglasses are an economical and fun way to promote a brand or promotional even, and are inexpensive and won’t blow your marketing budget! Starting as low as 69¢ per piece, we have a large selection to fit every occasion, including weddings. For company outings or outdoor promotional events you can even get custom beach balls for added fun!

, Custom Sunglasses – not just for Summer!At the Custom Sunglass Store, we have a large selection of colors and styles, just waiting to be personalized with your company name or logo. We even have Logo Lenses, which are exactly has they sound! These sunglasses offer you a chance to create a truly one-of-a-kind promotional item with fully customizable lenses for less than $2 each.

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